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Implementing our solutions and tech can provide comprehensive insights into your mail and parcel delivery quality. Improve your end-to-end delivery chain transparency and provide more sustainable delivery service for your clients.

Parcel Universe Logistics & Fleet Solutions enables local and long-distance transport service providers real time tracking in order to improve the quality of their own services and enhance the business relations and trust with their clients community.

Solutions providing you with opportunities to burst onto the scene and create a new breed of workers,  who eschewed traditional full-time employment for a combination of freelance projects and contract work in many dynamic sectors.




Our solutions and technologies provide deep understanding for your mail and parcel delivery quality and business acumen over future trends. We can create advantages from end-to-end s transparency to  improve your delivery service quality, reliability, safety and affordability. We are creating the most innovative, robotics-based parcel delivery solutions to help retail and logistics companies manage their operations effectively. Our solutions is innovative and very easy to implement into any postal IT system. We use cloud-based smart mailbox, so the parcel recipients doesn’t have to wait for their mail or drive somewhere to receive a parcel. A mobile app provides total control of our customers mailbox.Our Digital Mailbox Projects such as ParcelSpaceX can also be adapted for individuals with special needs that may have a mobility hindrance in retrieving their mail. State of the art sensors used to automatically sending a signal through mailbox provide endless possibilities for citizens that may have a mobility hindrance in retrieving their mail . Bad weather,  does not hinder the battery and sensors to operate. No matter the mail volume, or the weather our system operates non-stop up to 3 months with one set of batteries. 


Mail and Parcel Delivery on the Move! We work together with our clients to provide a complete solution to improve business agility and provide opportunities for revenue maximization. There is no need for dissimilar systems, provided by different companies. A comprehensive state of the art, smart and cloud based solution to get a grip on the best possible service for your customers, while reducing your costs and improving your reaction time to the ever changing market demands. Dynamic network and service control over the delivery and pick up orders reacting on the move to any order changes and make profits on return shipments by creating and using number of alternative delivery/returns providers with easy to use interface customized for your needs. Opportunities to create automated tools providing your customers to engage in real control and management of their global delivery orders no matter where are they located or how big their business is. Web platform or mobile app? It`s up to your customers needs. 


Our solutions enables Information flow between PUDO parcel terminals and IT computer networks used by our  customers in order to exchange information about the ongoing, past or upcoming delivery orders. We are constantly improving our technology towards faster more intuitive and more customized user interface not just for end users but also for your couriers or store employees or outsource talent. We would like to provide opportunities for everybody to get their mail in digital way but also to receive their mail anywhere in the world in fastest, but also the most sustainable way. The nature footprint that deliveries leave behind are the most important criteria we would like to meet in future. 

Getting mail the green way is our dream. Yes we dream big but we don`t fall asleep. We want to design the delivery process as clean as possible. That is why we are  looking for the latest, the most sustainable solutions even for the most routine parts of everyday life to add an extra level of comfort and convenience while keeping the environment clean. Being smart means being green!